Duane Plant – Cambridge Divorce Solicitor and Family Lawyer

Duane Plant – Cambridge Divorce Solicitor and Family Lawyer

Duane Plant is a Cambridge  Divorce Solicitor, Family Mediator , Collaborative Lawyer and Family Arbitrator

Duane explains, “I am a Cambridge Divorce Solicitor, a Family Mediator, a Collaborative Family Lawyer and a Family Arbitrator. I am therefore able to offer you all the options so you can choose how you want me to help you. You can use me as a family mediator or a negotiator or a court advocate or a collaborative lawyer. I will ensure that you are properly advised so you can make informed decisions.  If you have both got completely stuck then as a Family Arbitrator I can hear both sides of an argument and make a decision so you can both move on. This can deliver a substantial saving on the full costs of court proceedings. It enables you to choose the date for a trial that suits you. You can divorce with dignity and be in control of the outcome. To achieve this I work as part of a team of family dispute resolution professionals so that you can receive the support you need for example financial advice, tax advice, valuing business assets, pension advice or counselling support. At DMFL we can also offer Direct Consultation with Children so their voice is heard.  I also enjoy training other specialist family lawyers to develop their advanced skills in family dispute resolution. I am passionate about changing how other lawyers work so we can change how divorce disputes are resolved.  Call me to see if I can help you.” Contact Duane on: 01223 421 051 or 07825134068 or email: duaneplant@dmfl.co.uk LinkedIn: Duane Plant

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