Negotiations must be prepared strategically to secure a successful settlement for you, saving the costs, stress  and uncertainty of a court trial.  I spend some time training other family lawyers in negotiation skills.

I can guide you in the different methods and ways to negotiate.  If court proceedings have been issued then usually it is possible to settle a court case by negotiation but you need a twin-track approach to be ready to settle if the correct opportunity arises whilst being prepared to go to final trial if it is needed.

Requirements for negotiations:

  • Someone to negotiate with! Your spouse may refuse to engage with negotiations.
  • It is very common that the best offer in the world will not be accepted because your spouse is not ready to settle yet. This can be very frustrating.
  • Remember that to make an offer or to accept an offer then you MUST have full and frank financial disclosure of all the true financial facts – otherwise you are negotiating in the dark.

Advantages of negotiations:

  • You can save costs
  • You can settle on your terms and in your own time
  • You settle before a final court trial and so save the high costs and uncertainty of court.
  • You are in control of what settlement you can live with.
  • You get to take into account the facts and factors that you choose, rather than a Judge.
  • You avoid the stress of giving evidence at court.

Disadvantages of negotiations:

  • You don’t know whether you would have done better or worse at court.
  • Endless negotiations can be just as expensive as a full court trial.
  • You must make sure you do not give away more than you are entitled to.

Next Steps:

  • Call me 01223 421 051 to discuss your specific circumstances to see how I can help
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  • See if I can help if your negotiations have stalled or got stuck or need a second opinion.

I train other family lawyers in negotiation skills and family dispute resolution.

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