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When you are coping with separation and divorce then it is easy to feel that you have few choices, or even none at all. Click on our ‘Divorce Questions’ to see if we can help and empower you to work out what you want to achieve. On the Homepage slides above you can double click each option (Collaborative Law, Mediation, Negotiations, Court proceedings, Family Arbitration in both financial and in children’s cases and Early Neutral Evaluation) and find detailed explanations of the different choices you have of how we can help you to resolve your family dispute, whether a financial settlement or arrangements for children, including:

Collaborative law:

Constructive divorce discussions round the table and with dignity; there are no contested court proceedings or solicitors’ correspondence. This option removes any posturing and points-scoring – and keeps costs down!

Mediation & Arbitration:

As Family Mediators we use our experience to guide separating couples to mutually acceptable agreements. You can also choose ‘Mediation and Arbitration’ so you try to reach an agreement on everything but if there are any insurmountable points then they can be decided by a Family Arbitrator. In this way you know you will get everything sorted out by agreement or by a final decision. Duane Plant MCIArb is a Family Arbitrator qualified to make arbitration awards in financial disputes and arbitration determinations in disputes between parents over children.

Court proceedings:

The attitude of your spouse may force you to use court proceedings to get what you are entitled to. Duane Plant is a Family Arbitrator and so can make decisions for couples who have got stuck so you can move on.


To be successful, negotiations must be carefully and strategically prepared to secure your entitlement without the costs and stress of court proceedings. We can negotiate for you in a round table discussion and save some costs!

Drafting documents or advice and guidance:

We can help with occasional guidance or by drafting a Consent Order to convert your agreement into a legally binding one. You can find the law on the internet but you need to get it interpreted and applied to your specific circumstances.

Second opinions or changing solicitors:

Sometimes a bit of reassurance can help you re-engage with your current solicitor. If you have lost your trust and confidence in your solicitor if your professional working relationship has broken down then you may be thinking about changing solicitors.

We are passionate about empowering clients to make informed choices and know all the options available to them to find the most effective, efficient and constructive way of resolving their family disputes.

Choices and options:

Remember you have choices and options. Don’t let your spouse or former partner let you think otherwise.  Don’t let anyone, including your solicitor, limit your choices. Read the detailed explanations, advantages and disadvantages of each method of sorting out your differences with your partner by clicking on “Your Options” at the top of the page.


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