Cambridge Solicitors Divorce, Mediation and Family Law Duane Plant Cambridge Divorce Solicitor, Collaborative Lawyer and Family Mediator who is at the forefront of developing constructive and highly effective methods of resolving difficult, sensitive, complex and intractable family disputes. He explains, “I help people to separate and divorce with dignity. I help people to resolve their family disputes about child custody or financial and divorce settlements. Unresolved conflict causes harm to families. I give clients the advice and support I would want if I was the client. People are entitled to be in control of their divorce. I am passionate about changing the way families experience divorce.”

Choosing the best Divorce Lawyer to work for you – and with you

Duane says, “Finding a divorce lawyer is a very personal choice. Even after more than 25 years of helping clients I have never forgotten how difficult it is to take the first step to make an appointment or call a divorce lawyer. I take pride in being approachable. I will listen. I want to know this is important to you. To make it easier, that first call is free. You are not committing to anything. You need to get it right. I want to help you to make the right choices, right from the start. In that way we can make it cost-efficient.”

“Can Do” attitude

Understandably clients come from all over the country and so Duane can see clients wherever it suits them whether in Cambridge or London or elsewhere. They are usually recommended by former clients or professional advisers or are attracted by the high quality personal service and ‘can do’ attitude to resolving family disputes as constructively, effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Court advocate, skilled negotiator and Family Arbitrator

Duane is highly experienced as a court advocate (recognised by Resolution’s Panel of Accredited Specialist Family Lawyers for court advocacy in complex finanancial ancillary relief cases and also in children’s cases) and he is a skilled negotiator in contested court proceedings. If however your spouse is able to be co-operative then Duane has the experience as a Collaborative lawyer and trainer to find workable constructive solutions away from the court. Duane Plant is an MCIArb Family Arbitrator so couples are referred to him so he can make a final decision to resolve a dispute enabling the couple to move on.

Training for specialist family lawyers

Duane provides training for other specialist family lawyers to help them develop their skills in constructive ways of resolving family disputes through collaborative family law or family mediation.

Family mediator

Duane is also a Family Mediator and is instructed by other family lawyers, or direct by a separating couple, to use Mediation to settle disputes.

He says, “I will give an honest opinion of how I can help. If I can’t help I will tell you and point you in the right direction.” Usually in mediation we can resolve family disputes in 2 to 5 meetings.


Contact Duane Plant on: 01223 421 051
or send an email to: duaneplant@dmfl.co.uk where you can:

  • ask for a call back
  • make a appointment
  • ask me a question and I will tell you how I can help
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